What is CONTOURA® Vision LASIK?

CONTOURA® Vision is the latest FDA-approved LASIK technology available in the U.S and offers a new approach to laser vision correction with topography-guided technology. Price Vision Group is proud to be the first in Indiana to offer this new technology. CONTOURA® Vision improves upon the traditional Wavelight® LASIK procedure by using today’s most advanced mapping technology to map the unique contours of the surface of your cornea. The scanning procedure samples up to 22,000 elevation points on each eye to create a unique vision profile for you, and only you.

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What is the difference between LASIK and CONTOURA® Vision LASIK?

CONTOURA Vision LASIK scans 22,000 points

In standard wavefront-guided LASIK, a targeted beam of light is sent into your eye and reflected off the retina. When the light reflects back, about 200 measurement points of curvature are taken of the eye and analyzed for irregularities in the pattern of light when it passes through the visual pathway. A treatment profile is created based on the analysis. With CONTOURA® Vision, the measurements are only focused on the cornea (the clear window of the eye where most vision imperfections are located) and use up to 22,000 topographical points to map the surface. This creates a highly detailed scan showing microscopic peaks and valleys that can be smoothed out by the advanced laser system.

Why Should I get CONTOURA® Vision LASIK from Price Vision Group?

CONTOURA® Vision topography-guided LASIK offers a truly personalized laser vision correction experience. Using the corneal topography measurements and data from the Allegro Vario Topolyzer, Dr. Francis Price, and Dr. Matthew Feng are able to make additional calculations and detailed measurements to smooth out any irregularities on your cornea to ensure fantastic results. Experience matters. Since May 2016, Price Vision Group in Indianapolis is proud to be the first LASIK center in the state of Indiana to offer CONTOURA® Vision LASIK and have performed more cases than anyone else in the state.

CONTOURA Vision Vario Scans

Proprietary nomogram producing unmatched results

Using decades of experience and analyzing patient outcomes, we are proud to have developed our own nomogram to treat our CONTOURA® Vision patients. Nomograms are mathematical calculations and formulas used to create a vision treatment profile for each unique patient. This proprietary nomogram can only be found at Price Vision Group and an amazing 80% of our patients are seeing better than 20/20!¹ These results are far better than any of the results achieved during FDA clinical trials.²

Our proprietary CONTOURA Vision nomogram produces unmatched results

The Vision Results in the FDA Study for CONTOURA® Vision Were the Best of any LASIK Study Ever

1-year post-procedure:

  • 15.7% of eyes 20/10 or better
  • 31.6% of eyes 20/12.5 or better
  • 64.8% of eyes 20/16 or better
  • 92.6% of eyes 20/20 or better
  • 96.5% of eyes 20/25 or better

It’s important to keep these results in context in that FDA study guidelines do not allow for enhancements if the patient heals differently than expected, but when performing LASIK outside of a study, enhancements can be done. With enhancements, the actual 20/20 numbers would be much closer to 100%.

CONTOURA Vision results

What our patients are saying about CONTOURA® Vision LASIK

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While CONTOURA® Vision has been shown to be safe and effective, it’s still surgery. And like any surgical procedure, there can be complications or side effects. Make sure to discuss the risks and benefits of CONTOURA® Vision with your doctor so you can make the informed decision that’s best for you and your eyes.

Am I a Candidate for CONTOURA® Vision LASIK?

As with all laser vision correction procedures, a thorough evaluation from our expert LASIK staff is needed to determine your candidacy for CONTOURA® Vision LASIK. Scheduling a LASIK screening is free!


¹ Percentage based on postoperative uncorrected distance visual acuity of all Price Vision Group CONTOURA® Vision LASIK patients in 2019-2020.

² U.S TCAT Study

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