When it comes to correcting your vision, LASIK isn’t the only option for eye surgery. At Price Vision Group in Indianapolis, we offer multiple refractive surgery options to suit individuals with different circumstances and physical characteristics. Some individuals have corneas that are too thin for LASIK or a prescription that is too high. The alternatives we offer provide excellent outcomes and, in some cases, additional benefits as compared to LASIK.

Our surgeons are committed to excellence in refractive surgery and are continually involved in research and innovations in the field. Because we are routinely invited to participate in FDA approval trials and clinical studies, our patients have access to the latest and best options.

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LASIK is one of the most popular vision correction options available. It can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The benefits of LASIK include relatively fast surgery time, quick healing time, and immediate results.

Price Vision Group is proud to be the first in Indiana in the following LASIK milestones:

  • First in Indiana to perform LASIK
  • First in Indiana to upgrade to all-laser, bladeless LASIK
  • First in Indiana to offer topography-guided, CONTOURA® Vision LASIK

Vision Correction Option - PRK


PRK is a very similar process to LASIK, both use the excimer laser to reshape the cornea to correct a person’s vision. Instead of creating a flap, PRK surgery uses a special solution to remove the outermost layer of the cornea. Once that portion is removed, an excimer laser is used to correct a person’s vision. Unlike LASIK, PRK recovery time is a bit longer as the outermost layer of the cornea has to regrow.

Price Vision Group is proud to be the first in Indiana in the following PRK milestones:

  • First in Indiana to perform laser vision correction (similar to modern-day PRK)

Vision Correction Option - Visian ICL


The Visian® ICL is a wonderful vision correction option, especially for those that are not candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas or a high prescription. Unlike LASIK/PRK where tissue is removed to correct a person’s vision, the Visian® ICL is an additive procedure where a lens is inserted into the eye for vision correction and has several benefits over LASIK/PRK. It can correct nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Price Vision Group is proud to be the first in Indiana in the following Visian® ICL milestones:

  • First in Indiana to implant the astigmatism-correcting Visian® ICL Toric

Vision Correction Option - Lens Exchange


People that are 50 or older that are looking into LASIK might find that a Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is a better option. As we age, the natural lens inside of our eyes begins to stiffen. This causes up-close vision to become blurry and reading glasses may be needed. An RLE is similar to cataract surgery where the natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens (IOL). Depending on the chosen IOL, an RLE can reduce the need for glasses to see clearly at various distances.

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