Here’s what some previous attendees are saying about the DMEK Cornea Course:

“Excellent course! Very good blend of didactic – wet lab and live surgery. Also, good opportunity to ask questions during didactic and wet labs.”
Allan Slomovic, M.D.
Toronto, Canada.

“Another course that will be a game changer for my career.”
Mark Gorovoy, M.D.
Fort Myers, FL.

“Thank you very much for the DMEK Course, it was an excellent learning experience. The course was very well organize and comprehensive. The talks of Dr.Price, Dr. Marianne Price, and Dr.Feng were excellent, as well as the live surgery and the patient examination. Also thanks to Frank for his willingness to help and teach in the wetlabs.”
Daniel Wasserman, M.D.
Netanay, Israel.

“Dr. Price presented a well organized, objective DSEK course. I was impressed with the seamless transitions and the efforts exerted by the staff. I feel well prepared to incorporate DSEK and DMEK into my practice.”
Peter A. Rapoza, M.D.
Boston, MA.

“What a pleasure! Great staff-very accommodating. It was a joy to watch Dr. Price at work.”
Robert E. Brass, M.D.
Latham, NY.

“Absolutely the best educational activity I have participated in since my training. In addition, they are just very nice people! Nurses should come and learn. Overall a fantastic course.”
Dale Pilkinton, M.D.,
Nancy Hardking, R.N.
Nashville, TN.

“Exceeded my expectations! One of the very best hands-on skills transfer sessions I have attended, and I sometimes teach them!”
Steve Silverstein, M.D.
Kansas City, MO.

“Thank you for emphasizing an evidence-based approach to the field. Thank you for the refreshingly honest presentation of complications.”
Kimberly Sippel, M.D.
New York, NY.

“This was a phenomenal course. The combination of didactics, wet lab experience, and presence in the operating room for numerous DSEK cases is invaluable. I cannot recommend this course and Dr. Price enough. Also, wonderful collegiality.”
John P. Barletta, M.D.
Ypsilanti, MI.

“Dr. Price is a fantastic educator, scientist and surgeon. An outstanding course.”
Parag Majmudar, M.D.
Highland Park, IL.

“Excellent course. Worth the trip!”
Beatrice E. Frueh, M.D.
Bern, Switzerland.

“Thank you very much. Certainly the best and most useful course I’ve ever attended.”
Prof. Thomas Neuhann, M.D.
Munich, Germany.

“Wonderfully organized and up to date. Flexibility allows for greater interaction. Wet lab supervision was excellent.”
Henry D. Perry, M.D.
Sands Point, NY.

“Truly wonderful course. Drs. Price were excellent in their presentations, and I felt they were both so human, real and genuine, easy to speak with. I feel I could call anytime I need help and would receive wonderful personal attention. God bless all of you. Thanks for a great experience.”
Stephen Schuster, M.D.
El Paso, TX.

“Well-planned and well done. Frank, you’re an excellent, thoughtful and efficient surgeon. Impressive. Thanks for a terrific job!”
Doyle Stulting, M.D.
Atlanta, GA.

“This is an excellent course. There will be a learning curve to this new and exciting procedure, and this is the best introduction I can imagine.”
Prof. Donald Tan, M.D.

“Excellent course. Dr. Price is a very kind person and an excellent surgeon and instructor. I am very pleased to go on with this.”
Gustavo Cremona, M.D.
Buenos Aires , Argentina.

“Excellent course. Very well prepared, covering all aspects a surgeon needs to start performing DSAEK. I now feel ready to get started. Thank you.”
Alaa El-Danasoury, M.D.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

“It is a very well structured course. It was very useful to me, as I intend to perform this surgery. I am very happy to be attending this course, and thankful to all persons involved.”
Antonio Limao, M.D.
Lisbon, Portugal.

“I am so impressed to be able to observe excellent surgery. This course is outstanding!”
Naoyuki Maeda, M.D.
Osaka, Japan.

“More than I expected. This was an excellent and friendly course to attend. Frank was extremely gracious with his time and had endless patience. It was well worth it.”
Gary Barth, M.D.
Santa Rose, CA.

“Very practical course with great pearls for success in DSEK. I feel prepared to do my first cases.”
Timothy B. Cavanaugh, M.D.
Overland Park, KS.

“Well organized and complete introduction to DSEK. I feel confident, with this course, beginning to perform DSEK in the near future.”
Marc Jones, M.D.
Kent, OH.

“Great learning experience. Thank you for organizing the course.”
Tueng Shen, M.D., Ph.D.
Seattle, WA.

“Excellent course. Informative, well organized.”
Shailaja Valluri, M.D.
Indianapolis, IN.

“Thank you for a superbly organized course. It was fun being a student again.”
Mitchell Gilbert, M.D
Farmington, CT.

“Excellent course on DSEK. Dr. Price does an outstanding job of teaching every aspect on the procedure. His pearls and complication management, in addition to observing live surgery, are invaluable. Now that the eye banks are preparing the donor dissection, it makes it affordable for every corneal surgeon to provide DSEK to their patients.”
Rick Kootman, M.D.
Paradise Valley, AZ.

“Excellent course on lamellar surgery with emphasis on DSAEK. Particularly felt review of challenging cases was useful. Ready to start DSAEK.”
V. Vinod Mootha, M.D.
Dallas, TX.

“Excellent course. Thanks to all involved.”
In Chul Shin, M.D.
Montgomery, AL.

“This is an excellent course that brings theory, practicality and honesty to a new procedure. The knowledge gained by genuine discussion with wet labs and multimedia experience was well worth the trip. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Price Vision Group.”
Shachar Tauber, M.D.
Springfield, MO.

“This procedure is definitely the wave of the future. Very slick. Thanks.”
Martin S. Arkin, M.D., Ph.D.
Traverse City , MI.

“This course represents a paradigm shift in corneal transplant surgery. Going forward, it will be difficult to offer penetrating grafts when DSEK is now available. Dr. Price is an outstanding surgeon and gracious host. This course will change the way we think about corneal surgery.”
Jonathan M. Frantz, M.D.
Ft. Meyers , FL.

“An excellent course that has prepared me to do my first DSEK. I’m excited to get home and perform this surgery! Thank you.”
Cary Silverman, M.D.
E. Hanover, NJ.

“Phenomenal! Enlightening! The best surgical course I have ever taken. Dr. Price is knowledgeable, patient and honest. He shares his experiences with us openly and completely.”
Sheridan Lam, M.D.
Lombard, IL.

“Very well organized course. Very useful, exciting technology.”
Michael H. Goldstein, M.D.
Boston, MA.

“Dr. Price provides a great course, and the step by step set of instructions are very helpful.”
Michael R. Gagnon, M.D.

“This is a fantastic course and will certainly benefit our patients in Utah. We will begin surgery using Descemet’s stripping and the microkeratome within two weeks at the Moran Eye Center. Thank you!!”
Geoffrey Tabin, M.D.

“Excellent course – concise and well-taught. Dr. Price provided comprehensive information on possible pitfalls and correction of complications. I think this procedure will replace conventional penetrating keratoplasty in Fuchs’ Dystrophy.”
Connie S. McCaa, MD, PhD

“Excellent course. Didactic, wet lab, and viewing live surgeries all very helpful in becoming more comfortable with these advanced techniques. Dr. Price was very forthcoming with complications and his latest techniques. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone contemplating DSEK surgery.”
Holland Crosswell, M.D.

“Dr. Price and his staff were wonderful. He is a master surgeon and his course should shorten my learning curve. The multiple cases of live surgery helped reinforce the didactics and wet labs.”
Michael Woodcock, M.D.
Fayetteville, NC.

“Well structured and informative. Overall, an excellent experience. Dr. Price certainly has accelerated the learning curve by honestly portraying his experiences with this procedure. The wet lab was certainly the high point of the course.”
Michael S. Conners, M.D.
St. Louis, MO.

“Excellent course! Frank has a refreshing openness in discussing his learning curve and complications. I feel ready to perform DSEK at the University of Pittsburgh and appreciate his continued willingness to answer questions as we proceed on our first cases.”
Deepinder Dhaliwal, M.D.
Pittsburgh, PA.

“Excellent course! Didactic, wet lab and live surgery observation all extremely helpful. Take home materials, lecture material and DVD’s of highest quality. Thanks for a great experience.”
Laura Bealer, M.D.
Decatur, GA.

“Very Organized. Group size is nice. Great course.”
Kenneth Maverick, M.D.
St. Louis, MO.

“Exciting, informative, practical – well done.”
Walter Rotkis, M.D.
Seattle, WA.

“I am most appreciative that Dr. Price’s course is designed to maximize the education of the participants.”
Robert Panton, M.D.
Elmwood Park, IL.

“Excellent course, superb teaching by an outstanding and innovative surgeon supported by a wonderful staff.”
Thomas Henderson, M.D.
Austin, TX.

“It is rare to find a surgeon as forthright and knowledgeable as Dr. Price. His depth of experience and his willingness to share both technique pearls and complicated cases was extremely helpful. Any surgeon contemplating DSEK should attend.”
Henry L. (Rick) Milne, M.D.
Columbia, SC.

“This was probably the best course I have ever taken. Well organized and highly informative, all aspects of endothelial keratoplasty were thoroughly covered.

  1. Didactic instruction with video and handouts
  2. Attentive staff in wet lab
  3. Personal examination of patients in various stages of healing
  4. Unvarnished video review of the surgeon’s own complications
  5. Invaluable live O.R. exposure to observe the nuances of technique.

I feel confident that I will be able to perform this procedure and I can’t wait to provide my patients the benefit of this groundbreaking procedure. Thank you Dr. Price for opening up your O.R. and sharing your experiences with me.”
Paul Turgeon, M.D.
Canton, OH.

“Great course! This is one course that will rekindle one’s interest in ophthalmic surgery. Thanks, Frank.”
John R. Sheperd, M.D.
Las Vegas, NV.

“Just the right class size. Wonderful staff and facilities. Would like to come back if Dr. Price teaches other courses; e.g. intracapsular tension rings, etc.”
Catharine J. Crockett, M.D.
Bloomington, IL.

“Outstanding course. Bringing truly innovative surgical techniques into the hands of American ophthalmologists.”
Martin Mayer, M.D.
Bronx, NY.

“Excellent course. Dr. Price covered all the essentials and gave each of us a real head start on this cutting edge technique.”
William Gruzensky, M.D.
Tacoma, WA.

“Thorough well-organized course. In addition to excellent didactic and wet lab, it included an opportunity to evaluate several post operative patients and view live surgery. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in adding to or improving their lamellar techniques.”
Neil Griffin, M.D.
Southern Pines, NC.

“Dr. Price provides the tools of confidence and expertise to perform lamellar keratoplasty.”
Hunter Norris, M.D.
Tullahoma, TN.

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