During routine cataract surgery the cloudy natural lens of the eye is removed and the clear capsule surrounding it is retained. This capsule is very fragile and may be damaged during surgery. If the capsule is damaged the operating surgeon may have limited options in placing an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) in the eye. Without a properly positioned intraocular lens the patient will experience very blurry vision. Previous solutions to this problem included leaving the patient without a lens (aphakic), placing an IOL in front of the iris, or sewing an IOL to part of the eye. All of these options can present problems such as poor vision, damage to other structures in the eye, chronic irritation of the eye, and failure of the cornea over many years. IOLs that are sutured can also dislocate if the sutures break.
When performing cataract surgery, the surgeons at Price Vision Group in Indianapolis have adopted the most advanced technique developed to date to secure an IOL in the absence of capsular support.
The “Glued IOL” technique uses a biologic adhesive glue to secure the IOL to the sclera (white of the eye) while the arm of the IOL or “haptic” heals into a tunnel in the sclera.

  • This results in the IOL being in the correct position behind the iris.
  • There are no sutures to break in the future and the IOL is permanently fixated to the wall of the eye.
  • This method of fixating the IOL results in a very stable and permanent solution to a previously difficult problem.
  • Best of all, this technique requires very small, suture-free incisions during surgery.

Previous options required large incisions and multiple sutures resulting in more surgical risks, longer healing time, and worse vision.
If you have experienced ocular trauma or undergone surgery and there has been a complication that limits your vision we specialize in repairing damaged eyes and fixing IOL complications. Although no one can promise a perfect outcome from any surgery, we can promise that we will present to you the most advanced options for surgical repair of your eye. We can also promise that our surgeons are well trained and very experienced in handling a wide variety of surgical complications and difficult cases that were once thought to be hopeless.

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