Q: What type of visual quality does someone get with the Visian ICL?

October 27, 2015 by Admin0

A: The Visian ICL, like all lens implants for nearsightedness, gives excellent visual
results. Some doctors have even referred to the outstanding visual results with the
Visian ICL as High Definition Vision – because it is so clear and predictably good.
One of the advantages of the Visian ICL for those who are very nearsighted is
that images will appear larger than with glasses. For someone who has a
prescription of -10.00 diopters, images will be 20% larger. In fact, for every diopter
of myopia (nearsightedness) corrected, there is a 2% increase in image size.
Glasses, in effect, make everything smaller if you are nearsighted – like looking
through a pair of binoculars the wrong way! The Visian ICL basically restores one’s
visual image to the size it should be normally.

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