COVID Vaccine Reminder for Corneal Transplant (DMEK/DSEK/PKP) Patients

COVID Vaccine

  1. COVID vaccinations should be treated in a specific fashion.
  2. Resume the Pred-Forte or Fluorometholone (FML) 4 times/day in the grafted eye for 2 days before and for 2 weeks following each of the vaccinations.
  3. After these 2 weeks, you will resume the normal dosage that you were on prior to this change
  4. If you have a history of viral or other infectious eye diseases that prompted your initial transplant please call prior to your shot.

Anterior and Posterior Grafts

Francis W. Price Jr., MD is one of a few doctors in the world to have performed more than 8,000 cornea transplant procedures. In Indianapolis, the doctors of Price Vision Group are actively involved in physician education through their association with the Cornea Research Foundation of America. They have been principal investigators on many research projects dealing with the medical and surgical treatment of corneal disease and disorders. They also participate in lectures at local and national scientific meetings and are acknowledged to be among the leaders in the field of corneal surgery. A number of studies have shown a definite improvement in transplant survival when the surgery is performed in a center that specializes in corneal transplants. Dr. Price and his team of doctors in the clinic are part of one of the busiest and most successful corneal transplant centers in the world. Experience like theirs is unmatched in all but a handful of other centers. This experience will help you have a successful result from your surgery.

About the cornea

The cornea is the clear part in the front of your eye – the window of the eye. It allows light to pass through and come to focus on the retina. The cornea must remain clear to provide good vision. Corneal disease, degeneration, and scarring from injury can all cause the cornea to become cloudy and result in decreased vision. If vision decrease is significant, a corneal transplant may be necessary, using a donor cornea or an artificial cornea.

The donor cornea

A corneal transplant involves replacing a cloudy cornea with a clear donor cornea.
Donor tissue comes from individuals who have donated their eyes for the benefit of others. The donor is carefully screened for many infections and diseases including hepatitis, syphilis and AIDS. An eye bank network is used to obtain a donor cornea and ensure the safe use of the tissue. All of our corneas come from eye banks in the United States, which are regulated by the FDA.

Artificial Cornea Transplant

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