Your Quick Determination of Candidacy

About a third of our patients are not sure if LASIK is right for them or if they are a candidate (though it turns out about 90% of the people we examine are indeed candidates for some kind of refractive surgery). To assist these people, we offer free screenings, where patients can have their eyes evaluated to determine if they are a candidate for LASIK. Additionally, this is a no obligation way for patients to meet our staff and have their questions answered by one of our doctors.
If this sounds like the perfect option for you, call us today at 317-814-2933 or [consultation]request a screening online[/consultation].

“You have changed my life in so many ways. I can actually see the clock when I wake in the morning. I can see everything in my classroom without having to search for my readers. I am able to read the menu at restaurants for my husband who usually forgets his glasses. Thank you for your care and concern.”
– Kay Bolinger (click here to see full testimonial)

Careful and Thorough Evaluation

About two thirds of our patients decide to start directly with a full refractive exam and skip the free screening step. This exam takes longer than the free screening because we do a large number of different tests on each patient’s eyes to make sure we achieve the best possible surgical results. For this exam, we require patients to not wear contacts and only use glasses for the preceding two weeks in order to maximize test accuracy. The cost of the exam goes toward the cost of surgery if patients elect to have surgery.
We require all refractive surgery patients to complete an exam with us prior to surgery.
If you are ready to make one of the best decisions of your life, call us today at 317-814-2933 or [consultation]request an exam online[/consultation].

Your Personalized LASIK Procedure

Once we have completed your pre-operative LASIK examination and determined that you are a good candidate for the procedure, we will schedule your LASIK surgery. Your surgery will be performed on-site at our modern refractive clinic in one of our laser suites. We use anesthetic drops to numb your eyes.
During surgery, your surgeon first creates a flap of tissue in the outer part of the cornea, which is carefully folded back to access the inner corneal tissue. Then, the vision correction treatment with the excimer laser is applied to the cornea beneath the flap. Generally, the treatment only takes a few seconds unless there is a large correction being done, in which case it takes slightly longer.
With Contoura, the newest form of LASIK, the treatment is guided by a computerized map of the topography of your cornea. The laser makes very precise, customized changes to the cornea, correcting even the tiniest imperfections. This commonly results in vision that is better than the patient has ever experienced – often better than 20/20. The flap is then replaced and acts as a natural bandage, healing very quickly.

Learn More

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The best way to determine if LASIK is a good option for you is to [consultation]request a free LASIK screening[/consultation] here at Price Vision Group, or call us at 317-814-2933 to schedule your appointment.

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